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New industry code standards will increase the tin industry

16 March 2015

According to the expectations of the members of the International Association of Industry standards tin tin industry in the world will increase due to the new branch code. Association of a preliminary analysis of the sector was carried out. After that, representatives of ITRI said that the association is ready to establish a strong position of industry in the short term. The Association plans to organize and hold an international forum tin industry. According to preliminary data, it will be held in Shanghai in late May 2015.

Not so long ago it was announced the appointment of a new director general of the corporation, which has become Yunnan Tin. In recent years, support from the China Association of greatly increased. As for the coordination of the activities of ITRI, the concerns about this will fall on the Beijing office. The Association continues to expand. Last year, it joined the Malaysian «Rahman tin», Australian «Bluestone Mines Tasmania» and Brazilian «Mineraçao Taboca». At the same time a large percentage of companies do not belong to the Association. According to ITRI believes a close-knit team has enabled the organization to prepare for the confrontation of the problems encountered in the industry.

It is expected that members of the Association will jointly develop an industry code. Its main purpose is to help both consumers and producers of tin. It is also calculated to delineate responsibilities of suppliers for making the most correct decisions. This will enable the creation of new standards in the industry with the involvement of a larger number of producers of tin. ITRI ​​representatives believe that the Code of improvement processes will begin in the near future.

Meanwhile, experts believe that in 2015 the sector expects the decrease in the volume of Indonesian exports. According to their assumptions of the amount taken out of the metal will reach 61 000 tonnes. This is 20% less than earlier forecast, when the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia counted on export volumes of 76 000 tonnes. The volume of exported tin can be reduced even more, given the tightened control of mining operations. Also reducing the amount of exported tin and can affect the proposal made ​​by the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries. It concerns the cessation of work on marine extraction of metal. This ore output can be significantly reduced.

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