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Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation signed a mutual agreement

20 October 2014

XI Forum of interregional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia ended the signing of an agreement between the countries on the characteristics of the household works in the border area in the production of copper-pyrite ore deposit «Spring Aralchinskoe».

The growth of competitiveness between nations today depends largely on the use of transit and cross-border capacities, heads both Russia and Kazakhstan are set to introduction into the economy of innovation and new technologies, and the interaction of countries with fairly dense. In particular, the Russian Copper Company in Kazakhstan — Aktobe region — introduces in the life of a number of fairly significant projects have so far spent about 650 million USD, and in the near future volume of investments reached the level of no less than 360 million USD…

The license for the development of the «Spring Aralchinskogo» fields at both the Russian and the Kazakh side belongs to enterprises of the Russian Copper Company, the production of the red metal is carried out by two legal entities on their own. Raw materials mined on the Kazakh part of the deposit at the site «Aralchinsky» will be processed in the Aktobe Copper Company, and the ore obtained in the Russian part of the section «Spring» will provide job enrichment plant «Ormet». Blasting stages of development and are held in the border area, and therefore before starting work, you must have a preliminary agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan, which ensures the agreement, removing any limitations with RCC activities in this area.

Vsevolod Levin, who heads the Russian Copper Company, said the signing of the agreement a significant step towards the future of relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. During its activity in Kazakhstan RMK country provided financial tide in excess of 620 million. USD, tax and budget revenues amounted to more than 270 million. USD, for infrastructure development, social and charitable purposes has been spent more than 12 mln. USD. Russian Copper Company is ready to invest in the economy of both countries, implementing the «Spring Aralchinsky» project and developing its production and territory.

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