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Aluminum cans will replace the tin predecessors

21 October 2014

The British company «Rexam» launched a new project, which will ensure the transition of Spanish companies «Valdemorillo» and «La Selva» with the manufacture of tin cans to the production of aluminum cans. A byproduct of the project was the conclusion of a multi-year contract between the «Rexam» and «Constellium», the French company, for the supply of aluminum tape, used for the manufacture of cans. The representative of «Constellium», Myuzi Lauren, who is the head of sub-section of the packaging and automotive products, said the group willingness to support the project to replace steel with aluminum in the manufacture of beverage cans, which will contribute to a lot of partnership with «Rexam». Guide «Constellium» hopes that manufacturers from Europe, assessing the prospects opened up, will continue in the future transition to the light metal.

Concern «Constellium» is one of the leading aluminum rolled products in the supply of used in the packaging field, also taking an advanced position in the field of recycling of used cans. Concern Experts predict increase in the level of processing of cans up to 75% in Europe in the near future.

In general, the world of light metal consumption in the current year will exceed production by 806 000 tonnes about — and this is 217 000 tonnes more than the previous forecasts of experts. Analysts expect to maintain a balance of supply and demand in respect of most of the base metals, however, do not rule out the possibility of supply constraints for some of them. Subsequently, such a situation may affect other metals.

Aluminium is a base metal used almost everywhere, starting with a major hardware to the same banks for a drink — because it is hardly surprising that its value has increased by 7.4% in 2014 on the LME. Equity turnover on the London Metal Exchange at the same time fell by 15% to 4.6 mln. Tons in the summer, it seems, will provide a further reduction in supplies. Demand will continue to grow, continuing to raise the price of light metal. In addition, September and October are traditionally the period of peak demand for base metals. Another factor in the growth of the cost of aluminum — an increasing number of car manufacturers, who prefer the use of this metal in the manufacture of its products and its wide application in shipbuilding.

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