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"TALCO" satisfied with the increase in the cost of aluminum

3 September 2014

aluminum cost quite confidently continue to increase during the current year. According to stock quotes, you can watch as the initial cost of the light metal from the mark 1771.2 USD per ton of stolen up to a level of USD 2087 per tonne. The current rate is the highest since February last year — then the cost of a ton of aluminum was 2140,2 USD. As for the factors affecting the increase in the cost of metal, one of the key can be considered the existence of the deficit in the aluminum market. In particular, according to analysts' estimates «World Bureau of Metals Statistics» first half demonstrates the lack in the amount of 393,000 tons of primary aluminum.

This year, data provided by the «Interfax», the first time since 2006, promised a deficit in the global market of light metal — along with stopping production capacity increased demand from the automotive manufacturers. According to specialists of the Japanese company «Sumitomo Corp.» global amount of aluminum deficit this year will be about 61 thousand, while last year there is a surplus of 580 000 tonnes. 2015 promises continuation of the lack of light metal rising to the level of about 493 000 tonnes. By the end of last year, the price of aluminum fell by 36% from the maximum performance in 2011, and since the beginning of this year the price increased by 14%.

However, the situation at hand Tajik corporation «TALCO», since an increase in the cost of aluminum has a positive impact on the company and the production of aluminum in general. Management talks about modernization and strengthening of processes aimed at the organization as soon as possible go to local raw materials and the creation of new capacity. For technical re-equipment corporation and its speedy transfer to the domestic raw materials will make the arm «Glencore International AG», as confidently declared the head of the corporation Andrew Kaplan.

It is worth noting that the upgrade for «TALCO» is not superfluous, because in the first six months of the release of primary aluminum dropped to a mark of 63.9 thousand. Tonnes, which is below last year's figure for the same period by 45.7%. However, the performance left much to be desired in the past year, when production in comparison with 2012 dropped by 20.6% to reach 216.4 thousand. Tonnes.

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