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Specialists of "Rusal" noted an increase in aluminum consumption

2 September 2014

Russian Corporation «Rusal» in its statement noted that consumption of aluminum products for the period January-June of the current year increased by 6% compared to 2013, amounting to 27 million as a result. Tons. The most dramatic jump in demand, amounting to 13% was noted in China, South Korea and Japan, demand increased by 10% in Central and South America — 5%. The increase in demand in North America for the period was 4.3%, the rate in Europe is not so high — only 3%. As a whole, excluding production in China, the world number smelted aluminum for the first six months of this year decreased by 231 000 tonnes.

The production capacity of the PRC in the field of manufacture of aluminum for the period from January to June increased by 603,000 tons, which is largely influenced restart facilities in selected provinces. At the same time the cost of aluminum is still insignificant, and many Chinese manufacturing operating at a loss. Loss-making remains about 30% of Chinese capacity, which is about 7 million. Tons, and this situation does not affect even the increase in the cost of light metal on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The volume of output of aluminum products in China for the period increased by 12% to reach 13.7 million. Tons compared to the same period last year.

As promised the representatives of the company, this year aluminum consumption will increase by 6.5% to reach 55 mln. Tons, while the percentage of the previous growth was 6%, the deficit will amount to 1.5 mln. Tons.

The very same «Rusal» says undoubted profit, which was made possible by an increase in the cost of aluminum, a redistribution of power and reduce costs. However, profits decreased by 10% as compared with the second quarter of last year and amounted to 2.26 billion. USD, which had an impact on the production of aluminum reduction. However, representatives of «Rusal» talk about growth rates to the level of 1.8 mln. Tons in the second half. During the period April-June, the company's profit amounted to 116 million. USD, whereas last year there was a loss amounting 203 million. USD. EBITDA ratio increased to 27.2% in April-June this year, which amounts to 220 million USD -. However, analysts called the mark of 255 million USD… For the period July-December, «Rusal» experts expect an increase in EBITDA to more than 600 million marks. USDv case, the stability of the current cost of aluminum.

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