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The wire-press shop KZOTSM increased production

30 September 2014

During the period from January to June of rolled-press shop — in particular, the pressing department — Kirov factory for processing non-ferrous metals by 12% compared to the same period last year increased its production volumes. According to Valery Sitnikov, the leading engineer of rolled-press department of production, this growth is directly related to both market conditions and maneuverability KZOTsMa that allows the company as soon as possible to meet consumer needs, taking into account technological needs, to expand the assortment and develop new types of products .

In addition, KZOTSM got into the list of priority investment projects approved by the government of the Kirov region in early September of this year. The volume of investments allocated for the modernization of hire and procurement capacities and enterprise Kirov Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company is 877,000,000. RUB. According to Andrei Levicheva, Deputy Director of the Kirov plant economy, the choice of projects was carried out by a government commission on the results of competitive selection among granted to the business plans. Investment projects that fall into the list of leaders, can apply for grants and the provision of non-financial types of state support from the regional government. For KZOTsMa leading position in this selection is not the first victory — the plant was in the list of priority with the project «Increasing the production of flat rolled products, including ribbons for radiators modern designs» in 2007 and 2009, while receiving support from the government in a subsidy amounting to 15 million. RUB.

The current project is aimed at improving KZOTsMa hire and procurement capacity and serves to optimize production flows and the intensification of modes in the processing of metals in the final stages. Intended for project equipment provides increased protection of the environment, and also has automated control systems and measuring tools. According to preliminary estimates the project will be completed by 2018, when the successful implementation of the expected results will include the improvement of the color characteristics of the product, reducing the term of its production, increasing production efficiency and reducing non-productive costs.

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