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«ArcelorMittal» offers new products

29 September 2014

One of the world's leading steel industry, the company «ArcelorMittal», became a source of updated range of steels for the automotive sphere, capable of providing a tangible weight savings for increased safety. As a result of the research companies in the sector range of high strength steels has been developed to cold forming, leading to lighter transport units up to 20%, providing at the same time and reducing emissions. Production site for the production of products «Fortiform» Belgium serve Kessales and Gent. The line «Fortiform» is capable of greater absorption of energy in the event of an accident, while having a lesser thickness of the steel, which allows the use of these products in automotive structural parts, including the front and rear elements, as well as the central pillar.

Today «Fortiform» includes the three brands, the first of which, «Fortiform» 1050, it has already been tested for weldability and formability by world manufacturers of automotive products and fully approved by them. The first series of motor units with «Fortiform» will be ready in 2017. Stamps «Fortiform» in 1180 and «Fortiform» 980 will be launched in the production of a wide presumably in 2014−2017 years.

According to the company, to date, quite a number of steel companies carry out work on the creation of new brands of products for the automotive manufacturers that meet energy efficiency requirements. However, the only «ArcelorMittal» has achieved successful results by developing a lightweight steels that can compete with aluminum, used in the manufacture of lightweight car models. The company released the latest developments made by its experts in the field of manufacture of steels with high strength, providing the chassis weight reduction pickup almost ¼. Currently «ArcelorMittal» conducts development of two possible solutions in the field of lightweight steel, the first of which will reduce the weight of a pickup of 23% (about 174 kg) due to the substitution of the frame material, boxes and other items. The amount of CO2 emissions at the same time will decrease by approximately 14 g / km. The second option, according to experts of the company, is in the final stage.

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