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Chinese export volumes continue to grow

13 August 2014

Analysts «MEPS International» adjusted previously made predictions about the volume of export of finished steel products in 2014 in a big way. If the forecasts to be realized in China planned a new record of 80 million tonnes -. This is the fifth annual jump in the global market in terms of products sold. This year, the planned crude steel output growth, which will amount to 810 million. Tons against last year's 783.5 million. Tons. 24 million. Tons will be additional deliveries of finished steel products sold by manufacturers this year. And only 27% of the total — 6.5 million tons -. Will be shipped to the domestic market, the rest goes for export.

Due to the fact that Chinese manufacturers are increasingly focused on the export of products, pressure formed by an excess of steel product in the domestic market, to some extent, weakened. That, however, did not improve the situation, as the drop in demand affected in the smaller side, and on the cost of production, which has fallen by 5% since the beginning of 2014. However, exports from China, which has a competitive cost, impact on the fall in domestic prices in many countries — that fact does not cease to declare metallurgists Japan, the US and South Korea. To stabilize the situation for products from the PRC introduced additional duties that does not interfere with China and continue to carry out the conquest of the world steel market.

According to data provided by China's National Bureau of Statistics, during the June issue of reinforcement increased slightly from the previous month results. The volume of output of Chinese rebar in June this year amounted to 19.04 million tons -. This figure is 3.6% higher than the results of the May. At the same time the average daily volume of manufactured products by 7% more than last month and up 634.667 thousand. Tons. In order to meet seasonal demand, increasing production capacity, increasing production volumes. In the first half of 2014 the volume of issued fittings totaled 106.64 million tons -. This figure exceeds the similar last year's results by 10.8%. As to the cost, in the last days of July, the average price of rebar with a diameter of 16−25 mm, grade HRB400 dropped by 0.6%. Leading manufacturers have adopted with the decision on this has not changed the price of long products and rebar.

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