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"Tulachermet-Steel": foundry-rolling complex will be built in 2016

16 June 2014

Press-service of the company «Tulachermet-Stal» reported that planned the construction of a foundry-rolling complex will be carried out in an accelerated mode, simultaneous parallel operation of builders and designers will significantly reduce the time. By the end of May came to the final stage of work aimed at clearing and site preparation, this month planned excavation and construction site layout. On September period have the building foundation. The final stage of work and production of the first batch of products «Tulachermet-Stal» is scheduled for October 2016. General contractor of the project is the leading European group «STRABAG», a major supplier of machinery and equipment is a group of «SMS». The contract value will be determined after the execution of works and services.

The new complex is scheduled converter plant, the capacity of which is 160 tons, 6-strand machine for casting size 150 * 150 mm — 180 * 180 mm, 2-position of the unit on the principle of «ladle furnace» and installing vacuum to process steel outside the furnace. For the production of rolled products is planned to install 2 furnaces for heating billets, which will then be supplied to the Medium-rolling mills, whose performance in the year will amount to 1.5 million tonnes. In this project, the production capacity could rise to 2 million tonnes per annum.

In the Novosibirsk region, Cherepanovsky District, is currently undergoing preparations to start construction work on the mini-metallurgical production, which will specialize in the production of building bars. According to preliminary calculations, the construction will begin this year, the planned investment is 200 million. RUB. The investor Siberian plant of building materials. The scrap metal is used as a raw material for production. Equipped factory planned induction melting furnaces, the overall performance in the year which will be about 0.05 million. Tons of scrap metal, as well as the induction-heating furnaces, machines for casting and rolling mills.

Another construction of the rolling mini-plant in Kolpino is scheduled for the second quarter 2015. Oriented enterprises to produce valves d10−40 mm, the annual production capacity is estimated at 350 thousand tons of metal.

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