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"Leaf of Life" against lead, mercury and other hazardous substances in household electrical

11 June 2014

After numerous studies of various consumer products for the presence in its composition hazardous to human health component of many environmental scientists and society have expressed concern about the lack of full control in this area. In a conventional mobile phone or tablet, even released a very well-known brand, the user risks to find almost the entire periodic table of nickel and manganese to cadmium, lead and mercury. The answer to such a dangerous situation in Russia was the start of a voluntary environmental certification program entitled «Leaf of Life.» The basis of such a program of ecological safety lies total control over all process stages of production of a household appliance. After numerous studies and the results of an independent environmental impact assessment, product successfully passed the entire set of tests marked a symbolic sign, shaped like a leaf. The presence of such symbols on the body connection system, computer equipment or any other appliance provides the user with a confirmation of full ecological safety of the product and indicates the absence in it of any dangerous for human health components. In late May of this year, such a mark appeared on several branded handsets of Samsung. Models GALAXY S5 and GALAXY Note 3 after a complete cycle of laboratory tests fully prove their worth in manufacturing quality and safety for the human body. The Samsung Brand, one of the few companies, which puts the safety and high quality indicators of its development above all. The presence of leaf life to the body of handsets from this manufacturer was not an accident, but rather a logical and well-deserved reward for many years of conscientious work. Incidentally markers «piece of life» and the Russian program of environmental conservation is part of an international association of environmental labels. Also, this system has been accredited in the context of global programs and trust among the top twenty globally recognized environmental symbol. Environmental security appliance confirmed symbolic mark on the body, allowing the machine after stepping down pass it on free disposal in special collection points.

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