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"Norilsk Nickel": exports to China are growing

26 May 2014

This year, the management plans of «Norilsk nickel» increase in volumes shipped to China nickel. Estimated number of exported metal will be 100 000 tons, while last year's deliveries to limit the amount of 70 000 tonnes. Such volumes are not surprising for the Mining and Metallurgical Combine «Norilsk Nickel» — the company is the largest global producer of palladium and nickel, while maintaining its leading position in the production of rhodium, cobalt, copper and platinum. The company also produces silver, gold, osmium, selenium, iridium, ruthenium, and tellurium.

Despite the considerable income, copper project, which is being developed, «Norilsk Nickel» in Chita, require additional investments in the amount of USD 1 billion, which the company's management is trying to attract, with the support of Russian banks. Given the favorable situation on the copper market, understandably desire the company to develop the project on its own. In Bystrinsky project «Norilsk Nickel» has already invested 500 million USD, the estimated revenue from Chita enterprise company estimates at USD 1 billion in annual revenue after the release of its full capacity, scheduled for 2018. With regard to partnerships, then according to the deputy CEO Paul Fedorov, at the moment they are not appropriate for the project. Details of the negotiations on additional financing from the Russian development bank not disclosed.

According to preliminary data Chita production of copper concentrate will start its work in the third quarter of 2017, the company planned annual production capacity of 10 million. Tons of ore.

Bystrinsky on the draft plan at least scale — when the planned annual volume of produced copper concentrate project capacity will be 66 thousand tons, magnetite concentrate will be produced in an annual volume of 3.1 million tons, and the amount received by the head of gold concentrate will be 219,000 ounces. Such data was provided by the representative of «Norilsk Nickel».

With regard to the assessment made by the State Reserves Commission, the assets Bystrinsky deposit (Transbaikalia) constitute 292 million. Tonnes of ore with gold content of 7.5 mln. Ounces of silver 34 million. Ounces of copper 2 million. Tons.

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