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Aircraft based on titanium and cobalt

9 April 2014

In modern aircraft using a wide spectrum of materials with high performance and operating characteristics, but the palm in the list on the right belongs to the titanium and cobalt. Suppliers of these metals is very dependent on the development of the aviation industry. Therefore, a decrease in consumer activity aircraft-manufacturing companies can negatively affect the development of industrial complexes producing titanium and cobalt alloys. Superiority in this area, of course, belongs to the titanium. Despite the fact that it is produced now are many, only the development of aviation cover and extension of the current fleet in many states, determined the steady growth of demand in the important construction materials. Today the world produces more than seven million tons of ore containing titanium. The process of extracting pure raw materials of useful ore concentrate quite time consuming and expensive, so the price of the material is relatively high. However, high performance fully compensate for the cost of titanium.

Incidentally, in the processing of a large portion of titanium selected from the ore oxides is shaped (almost ninety-five percent). This raw material is natural for building aircraft or missile technology unsuitable. Therefore, the scale of the pure material, which uses the aircraft, estimated at only two hundred and forty tons. It should be noted that even the titanium oxide has found its application in the industry and is widely used in the chemical industry, in the manufacture of varnishes and coloring compositions. Also, like the raw material in the manufacture of lubricant demand for welding electrodes and in the food sector.

In today's world, the volume of production of titanium pretty well agreed with the volumes of the aviation industry and is only slightly ahead of her. However, such work is ahead of the curve is quite logical, because the production of titanium elements of a particular aircraft begins much earlier than going to the finished plane design consistent with the growth in production volumes. Lightweight and durable material with high heat resistance characteristics for a long time takes a very strong and stable position in many industries, not the least of which is the aircraft.

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