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Boguchany aluminum plant: with the times

14 April 2014

Boguchansky AZ doing everything possible to maximize industrial modernization — the contract with the Dutch company Hencon for the supply of specialized machines for pouring molten aluminum electrolysis buildings, came into effect. Currently, the plant has at its disposal a first car, while the total number of five units. Modern Dutch equipment on the territory of Russia will be used for the first time. The total amount of the contract was concluded more than 9.8 mln. EURO.

Purpose machines from Hencon designed to perform the most complex operations of pouring the molten aluminum from the cell in the presence of large magnetic fields and high temperatures. Automatic system takes place in electrolysis baths control the percentage of «electrolyte: metal», and also defines the job of pouring, coming thereafter by radio control system, after which there is a recess in the liquid aluminum vacuum ladle. Machine this bucket is moved to the connecting corridor between the casting department and electrolysis. Then — again with the help of automated processes — the spitting image of the resulting aluminum is weighed and passes the necessary control. Bucket capacity is 10 tons, which corresponds to the number of 3 aluminum electrolytic cells.

According to the explanations provided by Alexei Kartavtseva, who is the CEO Boguchansky, AZ, at the moment only one car was produced by the plant. When starting the series — and that 50 percent of all power production plants — in order to incorporate the electrolytic process 336, it is necessary to use at least three units of the new technology. When typing the full production capacity for a stable process is necessary to use five trucks of Dutch companies.

Boguchany aluminum plant is in step with the times, constantly introducing into production the most modern technologies and ideas of the aluminum industry, wanting to achieve a sufficient level of process automation in order to be able to minimize manual labor. Automating processes is not only a highly efficient aluminum production, but also makes it possible to improve safety and achieve good performance in the field of occupational safety and health.

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