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The redistribution of property in the Ukrainian industry

29 April 2014

The chemical industry of Ukraine is developing a complex of predominantly manufacturing facilities received a legacy from the Soviet Union. This sector is represented by the production of mineral fertilizers, semi-finished titanium and plastics. The bulk of this sector is under the guidance of well-known businessman Dmitry Firtash. Businessman not only actively invests financial power in the chemical industry, but also develops their potential, modernizing the production of raw materials required the country. However, the difficult political and economic situation in the country poses a significant threat to the normal life of the majority of Ukrainian enterprises. It is important to note that the initial capacity of the chemical compartment somewhat redundant for the territory of the country, so some raw materials successfully exported to foreign companies, successfully filling the state treasury. Despite the large-scale investment across the chemical industry of Ukraine, Firtash's main interests are focused on only a few plants, which are able to provide the feedstock titanium complexes entrepreneur. So the scope of interest and get Irshansky Volnogorskiy mining smelters. Today, these companies are owned by the country and not to private investors, but Firtash not losing hope to change the situation in their favor. Sophisticated explosive situation in our country can only play into the hands of private business. After all, for the stabilization of the economic collapse of the state government can take unfavorable decisions for the country for the sale of important strategic and industrial facilities by an independent investor. These companies need a well-known entrepreneur to provide raw material of his favorite brainchild called «Crimean Titan». Fall value dioxide is capable to do the job of titanium plants very profitable and beneficial for further investment. This trend will allow in a short time to substantially increase exports of suitable titanium raw materials. Additional interests Firtash also apply in Sumy and Zaporozhye. Chemical plants and factories for the production of titanium and magnesium, are located there, the businessman would also like to get their full ownership.

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