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The local population against ferronickel production

28 April 2014

Despite the importance and relevance of ferronickel in the modern world, one of the largest companies in the world for the extraction of raw materials has suspended the operation of its plant located in Colombia. Today, the mill called Cerro Matoso, without exaggeration, can be given to the second place in the context of the entire world metallurgical complex for the production of such an important process as the raw material of ferronickel. The reason for the unscheduled stop was active protest movement of the local population. Start riots ordinary residents of the industrial area around the plant was laid last week. According to preliminary estimates of the local media system demonstrations left more than six thousand people. Local people can understand, after all, even though, on the importance of mining as a valuable raw material for the steel industry, the technology of ferronickel extraction from the earth contributes to soil pollution and groundwater sources. In turn, the accumulation of the crust associated harmful toxins affect the health of the indigenous population. And the protesters do not require the complete cessation of the mining companies, they appealed to the authorities to resettle the population with a particularly dangerous area to another, more suitable for the living area. Stop ferro giant turns to the Colombian economy is very significant financial losses daily. After all, according to conservative estimates, the failure of the supply material suppliers deprives the state of one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars a day. Currently, the government and the management of mining companies is a reasonable dialogue with the rebels, and leans to the decision to relocate the native population on the other territorial array simultaneously conducting detailed environmental impact assessment. The purpose of the examination will be to assess the actual damage ferronickel production with respect to environmental edge. And, just before nickel plant guidance received from local authorities failure when trying to get approval for the expansion of its production facilities. Until the results of an independent expert evaluation of any environmental reconstruction of the enterprise is frozen. The owner of the Cerro Matoso is known worldwide Corporation Australian BHP Billiton, which has in its arsenal of more than one plant for the production of non-ferrous metals.

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