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Lithium-sulfur batteries and their benefits

8 January 2014

Recently it was found out that the lithium-sulfur batteries in many respects superior to lithium ion. It is possible that in the near future, this type of battery will be used for the assembly of smartphones and tablet computers. Battery type Li-S were invented 10 years ago. They were better than the battery type Li-ion on several parameters. They are cheaper to produce, and thus had a significantly higher capacity. But they had a disadvantage — they were very short-lived. The cycle of charge and discharge was lower than that of lithium-ion batteries.

However, American researchers intend to create a fundamentally new lithium-sulfur batteries. Their characteristics are: a high charging speed, reliability and power consumption. Whenever molecule passes through the battery structure consisting of a lithium anode, an electrolyte and sulfur cathode, two electrons generated. One cell produces sulfuric acid from 1.7 to two and a half volts. Performance depends on the battery level. In any case, they are twice higher than those of lithium-ion batteries.

In addition to these benefits, and now the battery type Li-S can not withstand two hundred, and almost fifteen hundred recharge cycles without losing capacity. However, in practice the new design has not yet applied. The matter is that developers lithium-sulfur battery has not yet learned how to cope with the sulfur reaction at the cathode which exerts large mechanical loads on the cathode. Also, to solve the problem of coarsening of the anode during the preparation of the charge and discharge current.

The developers want to implement such a lithium-sulfur battery for the general public — for use in various electronic and electric gadgets. This should happen in the foreseeable future. These batteries are lighter, stronger and cheaper than all those used today. Also, lithium-sulfur batteries have advantages such as the ability to work in a temperature range with a large range. In addition, the type of battery Li-S environmentally safer than others. For reference: the lithium-sulfur battery is a secondary power source, based on a chemical reaction. The cathode liquid form therein, it is separated from the electrolyte membrane. The first such batteries were developed by Sion Power.

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