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In 2014, the expected increase in prices for stainless steel

10 October 2013

As the forecast promulgated recently by the British analytical agency experts «MEPS», stainless steel prices in the world markets will begin to significant growth as early as next year. In addition, today's leading analysts of corrosion-resistant steel segment noted a slight increase in prices of steel this category in the Asian and American markets, metals associated with the increase in nickel prices on global commodity exchanges.

Earlier it was reported that in the autumn, after the holiday period, the world «stainless» market perked up a bit. But this is for operators of the sector the positive news did not end there. In particular, the experts of the analytical agency «MEPS» predict an increase in global demand for stainless steel in the very near future. However, attempts to steel companies to increase the price of its corrosion-resistant products is to be paired with a range of difficulties. Among other things — in view of the fact that the end of the calendar year is traditionally a period of downturn in sales. Buyers, in turn, will have to deal with restocking at the beginning of next year, which will serve as a pretext for increasing the value of the metal.

Analysts also take the view that the overall improvement in the global economic environment in 2014 will return confidence in the metals market. As can be seen from the forecasts drawn up by the analytical agency «MEPS», in the first months of next year, steel companies will have to face an increase in the expenditure part of the production budget. This means that the first half of 2014 will be the beginning of forced steady rise in prices for stainless steel.

Recall that during 2013 the cost of stainless steel in the global metals markets remained low and stable, which made manufacturers strongly reduce the cost of their products and close excess capacity.

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