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ThyssenKrupp works in the current year with a loss

19 August 2013

As can be seen from the statistics collected by the specialists of the concern «ThyssenKrupp» (largest German steel company engaged in the production of steel, stainless metal and products made from these materials), during the first three current fiscal year quarters, compared to the same period of 2012, the company significantly worsened their financial situation. Thus, the net loss during the reporting period is equal to € 1.2 billion, up 23% loss during the same time period last year (0.98 billion euros).

Recall that at the moment the concern «ThyssenKrupp» is looking for new investors to increase equity capital, which will be implemented this fall. According to published data of a few weeks ago, the company may be sold to a large block of new shares, the price of which can reach 1 billion euros. The company does not plan to «long pull» with the recapitalization, but the final decision on this issue — said the Western press — can be made only after the sale of the part of the corporation's assets, which are located in the United States.

Earlier it was reported that the «ThyssenKrupp» intends to find a new host one of its loss-making plants in Alabama (USA). According to some reports, the asset has already found a buyer (the Brazilian company CSN), which the German company management motivated to commit to purchase from his former three million tons steel plant every year. The amount of this transaction is estimated by experts at the level of 1.5 billion. Dollars. However, the implementation of a change of ownership has not yet happened.

Analysts note: currently the world market of ferrous metal and stainless steel, has been «prolonged» decline in prices. Many subjects of the metallurgical industry are forced to revise the structure of production, and in every possible way to reduce costs, and attempts to «ThyssenKrupp» to minimize the effects of the recession — a thoughtful and logical step.

As you know, today «ThyssenKrupp» — this is one of the world's largest technology corporations. The company is engaged in manufacturing of industrial goods and services. The assets of the company are divided into several segments, the key of which — the production of steel, stainless steel metal production, production of elevators, escalators, automotive components and pieces of equipment for shipbuilding.

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