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Clarendon Alumina Production has shipped the first batch of aluminum raw materials for Noble Resources

15 August 2013

Recently, the first delivery of alumina in the framework of the contract concluded earlier between international trader «Noble Resources» Jamaican and now «Clarendon Alumina Production» (CAP) has been spent. As follows from the statement Polvela Philip, served as Minister of Energy of Jamaica, this agreement could provide for his country a great returns on trade in raw materials for aluminum production than similar transactions brought before.

Recall that «Clarendon Alumina Production», «Glencore Xstrata» and trader «Noble Resources» until recently led the trial concerning the legitimacy of alumina deliveries to the last of the companies listed above. Lawyers «Glencore Xstrata» insisted that their structure should be the sole buyer of aluminum raw materials from «Clarendon Alumina Production», but in the end the judgment was not adopted in favor of the Swiss supplier of commodities.

Today, after successful market diversification alumina sales, Jamaican leadership is considering the purchase in «Glencore Xstrata» «Jamalco» plant a stake, produces alumina. It is known that the co-owner of this enterprise is the company «Clarendon Alumina Production» mentioned above.

Recall that enterprise to obtain the raw material for the production of aluminum — bauxite and alumina production for export — are the backbone of the Jamaican economy. At the same reserves of raw materials the country ranks second in Latin America, and on its extraction — the third largest in the world. Today in Jamaica explored more than a hundred fields of the resource, the total reserves of aluminum raw materials which are estimated at 1.964 billion. Tons. The largest bauxite deposits of the country are: «Uilyamsfild», «Maggotti», «Kerkvayn», «Essex Valley» and «Lidford». All these assets are concentrated in the territory of the central regions of the state.

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