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Sandfire Resources has carried out the official launch of a copper mine DeGrussa

8 August 2013

According to the «Australian Mining», 4th August, the company «Sandfire Resources» carried out the official launch of a copper mine DeGrussa, located in Western Australia (900 km north of Perth).

Recall that the aforementioned rich deposit of copper and gold was explored four years ago. Later on it has begun «pilot» development. For the first three years of the project investment has amounted to about 384 million. Dollars. At the beginning of last year with DeGrussa first trial shipment of ore were produced, and the first sales of copper concentrate through the Port Hedland company owning the asset took place in May last year. Earlier it was reported that in April this year in this field began to be made not only to the development of open, but the underground mining of ore. At the moment, there is carried out an increase in production from the underground workings to levels previously projected half a million tons of rock per year. The company also is working to eliminate the small problems in the manufacturing process; this is carried out in parallel with the construction of the grinding plant.

As the «Sandfire Resources» press release, the last four years (since the beginning of the first works in the field DeGrussa), there has been produced more than 70 thousand. Tons of copper and about 50 thous. Ounces of gold, the total value of which exceeds 500 million dollars… However, only for the current fiscal year, the company shipped (in concentrate) 64 th. Tons of copper and about 42 thous. Ounces of gold. It is predicted that the output of the full working capacity of the mine will annually produce 65−75 thousand. Tons of copper and 35−45 thousand. Oz.

Earlier it was reported: the company «Sandfire Resources» (the company is mainly engaged in the search for copper and gold deposits in Australia) invests heavily in the exploration of minerals in ore occurrences of the new continent. The budget of these projects is estimated at 20 million. Dollars a year. DeGrussa — one of the latest promising development organizations, public as part of the research «Doolgunna» project aimed at studying volcanogenic massive sulphides in the interior of Australia.

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