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Iran increases the production of aluminum

27 August 2013

As the IRNA statistical data for the first four months of this year by the Avesta calendar (that is, from the 21st of March) 119 000 tons of aluminum ingots produced in Iran. This is by 6.3% more than was produced by local companies in the same period last year. In a detailed report of news agency experts specify that only the period from June 22 th to 22 th of July this year in the country was produced 29.6 thousand. Tons of billet aluminum. This is 8.8% more than in the same period last year. During this period, in Iran 83 th. Tons of alumina powder was also produced, which is 12.8% more than in the same period a year earlier.

As follows from the data provided SHAHEN Markarian (a member of the Syndicate of Iranian aluminum producer), there is a need for Iran to import annually about 120 tons of ingots of aluminum. In addition, he also said that the completion of the current five-year plan in Iran (and it is — 2015) will be 910 thousand tons of aluminum per year… It is known that the geography of demand for local «winged metal» is not limited to Iranian territory. The main consumers of aluminum produced in this Asian country, serve India, Taiwan and Turkey.

We also recall that, according to the statistics «International Aluminum Institute», the average daily volume of aluminum production in the world in July, compared with June, a month, fell by 2%. So, in this period of the winged metal produced 128.6 ths. Tons per day.

In general, the first half of 2013, compared to the same period last year, the production of aluminum in the world decreased by 4.3% and reached the mark of 27,180,000. Tons. Due to the above, aluminum stocks in warehouses of the world began to decline. So, in June, compared with May, the month, the resource surplus decreased by 17 thousand. Tonnes. In particular, the total volume of the global inventory aluminum in this period was 2.23 Mill. Tons, compared to 2.25 Mill. Tonnes month earlier.

«Boston Consulting Group» Experts believe that global demand for primary aluminum in the next decade will increase by 4−5% annually. Consequently, the demand for the winged metal in the world by 2017 will reach 55−57 mln. Tons. However, production will increase to 67−69 mln. Tons, resulting in a global warehouse aluminum inventories continue to increase.

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