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Forge Resources is planning the construction of transhipment facilities for vanadium-titanium magnetite ore

26 August 2013

As the Australian communications information services company «Forge Resources» approval from the Western Australian ecologists was recently obtained for the construction of production facilities for transshipment of titanium ore in the project Balla Balla. These transhipment facilities will be located in the territory of the Gulf Forestiere — halfway between the cities of Port Hedland and Karratha. «Forge Resources» will be able to exercise through the dispatch terminal for up to six million tons of vanadium-titanium magnetite raw materials per year. The proposed structure will include slurry pipeline with low pressure stretching seven kilometers overhead conveyor as well as a marina total of about 2.6 km in length and a separate terminal for loading barges. The next step is a permit for the construction of transhipment facilities «Forge Resources» should be obtained from the state government, in which the project will be implemented.

According to Matthew James, he was the Managing Director of «Forge Resources», experts of its corporations are firmly convinced that the projected infrastructure node in the future become a strategic asset of the company and help it profitable to sell in the export of extracted ore.

According to expert estimates, in accordance with JORC system, the total reserves of ore in the above-mentioned vanadium-titanium magnetite deposit Balla Balla (was acquired by «Forge Resources» for 39.5 million. Dollars) exceeds 456 million. Tons. Thus the iron content of the ore is estimated at 45% titanium — by 13.7% vanadium — at the level of 0.64%.

Corporation «Forge Resources» was founded in 2009. Today, the main objectives of the company are exploration and production of minerals in Australia. In this case the key production assets of the organization specialized in the production of non-ferrous metals (including — titanium and vanadium), iron and gold in the local mines. Meanwhile, in the longer term interests of the company one continent will not be limited to: its leadership is planning to develop new fields, not only in Australia, but also abroad.

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