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Scientists tested nanostructured titanium

28 May 2013

Russian scientists from the National Research Group «Belgorod State University» experiencing a new titanium alloy developed by using nanocrystalline technology. This special alloyed composition for medical implants, which in the formula (in contrast to the materials used today) no vanadium and aluminum alloy adversely affect compatibility with the human body. This nanostructured titanium is not inferior to the existing analogues in terms of strength, while showing considerably higher ductility and corrosion resistance, which promises the development of Belgorod scientists solid prospects.

«The materials being developed for the needs of orthopedics, traumatology, dentistry and other fields in medicine throughout the world imposed the most stringent requirements» — describe the process of developing innovative formulations based on titanium representatives NIU «BSU». «Among other standards, they must not contain carcinogenic toxins and must be chemically and biologically inert, is not accepted them in the presence of substances causing allergies and thrombogenesis. In other words, for the alloy implant should be capable of efficient engraftment in the human body, and it is a long process and requires the attention of experts and a thorough analysis of the current situation. Carrying out field experiments in this field delays the appearance of decent samples for decades. Today in our laboratory same biocompatible titanium specimens with nanocrystalline structure investigated by introducing the corresponding data (for possible changes in the human body, and transformations in the metal structure) in the «brain» of a high-performance computer. Here all scenarios are handled with the help of numerical simulation, so scientists are able to conduct the most sophisticated experiments with alloys in the shortest possible time «- commented on the work of the Higher Belgorod scientists.

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