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Norilsk Nickel will part with the Vice President in June

21 May 2013

Vladimir Strzhalkovsky — former CEO of MMC «Norilsk Nickel» and its current vice-president in charge of foreign assets of corporations — will leave the company before July this year. This was during an interview with Russian journalists told himself senior manager, adding that at the moment is under the consideration of new proposals from potential employers.

Vladimir Strzhalkovsky celebrate 59 years at the end of May. Prior to joining the Corporation, he served nickel chair Deputy Minister for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, and later — when the department was disbanded — was appointed head of the FAT (Federal Agency for Tourism). In the «Norilsk Nickel» Mr. Strzhalkovskiy came in August 2008, on the recommendation of one of the company's largest shareholders — Vladimir Potanin. During his election to the post of General Director of MMC then voted in two of the three independent directors of the corporation, and three representatives of «Interros», while three voted (representatives of UC «RUSAL» Oleg Deripaska) voted against the candidacy of Vladimir Igorevich.

Armchair general director Vladimir Strzhalkovsky officially handed the receiver to December 17, 2012, when the Council Nickel Corporation Directors unanimously adopted a resolution on election of the new company's top manager, who himself became Mr. Potanin. On this point, the organization of the owners agreed to as part of the conciliation agreement, put an end to decades of conflict between the majority shareholders of «Norilsk Nickel». As compensation for the loss of workplace Strzhalkovsky master record has been promised for the Russian business payments, the amount of which the parties have identified $ 100 million. Dollars.

Mining and Metallurgical Company «Norilsk Nickel» — Russia's largest producer of platinum (100% of the total volume of production in the country), copper (more than half of the resource, produced by enterprises of the Russian Federation), nickel, and cobalt (over 95%). In addition to these resources at the facilities of the organization accompanying extracted rhodium, gold, silver, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, and other metals. The structure of the organization consists of more than 30 subsidiaries and affiliates located in different regions of Russia and abroad.

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