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Norilsk Nickel will attract another loan

16 May 2013

Management MMC «Norilsk Nickel» in talks with Western financial institutions on a loan in the amount of 2 billion. USD. Corporate management has so far refrained from official comment on the purpose for which will be used borrowed funds. The experts also this opinion already formed: they believe that a fresh influx of finance nickel corporation needs or to serve his old line of credit, or (in the opinion of the analysts of the financial market, more likely) for the payment promised to shareholders this year, large dividends.

Recall: earlier conflict a major shareholder of «Norilsk nickel» (Vladimir Potanin and Oleg Deripaska) late last year entered into a «settlement agreement», one of the points which means the revision of dividend policy to shareholders. According to these agreements, the Corporation management agreed to pay the owners of the securities in the current year (based on 2012) 2 billion. US dollars. Recently (late last month), the Board of Directors of MMC confirmed their determination to make payments to holders of bulk assets, officially recommended that shareholders vote at the next meeting for the approval of the amount of dividends at the level of 400.83 rubles per each of the 190,620,000. Ordinary shares. This is 110% higher than the payment for the year 2011 (when the shareholders got 196 rubles per share), and almost 125% higher than the income level of the profit shares, the resulting nickel corporation in 2010.

MMC «Norilsk Nickel» — one of the largest suppliers of the global market for copper and platinum and the largest producer in the world of nickel and palladium. Along with the basic facilities at the corporation metals extracted cobalt, chromium, selenium, rhodium, gold, silver, indium, tellurium, and other resources. Business organizations represented in the five countries of the world — in Russia, Finland, South Africa, Australia and Botswana. Currently, the company's capitalization on the main market of 874.6 billion rubles.

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