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International Aluminium Institute said aluminum output growth

23 April 2013

International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has published statistics on the volume of the world's production of «winged» metal for March and «knocked out» the figures for the first 3 months of this year. According to the data, estimates analyst organization, from January to early April in the world produced 11.5 million. Tons of aluminum, which is 4.4% more than in the same period last year. When comparing the figures month by month (March data against February), the increase in the volume of global production share of 6.1% (3.909 million. Metric tons compared 3.684 million a month earlier).

In particular — according to the International Aluminium Institute statistics, in China, is a major player in the global aluminum market metal production for the third month of the year amounted to 1,734 million tons, which is only 0.28% higher than February's figures for this country (1.729 million). The rest of the regions showed significantly more dynamic growth figures, and «champion» among them were the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), scored for the same results as much as 15.5% (328 thousand tons against 284 thousand. Tons a month earlier). Western Europe (266 thous. Tons compared to 298 thousand. Tons) and North America (385 thous. Tons of aluminum against 428 thous. Tons) in March increased production share of 12% and 11.2%, respectively. Indicators as South America, Eastern and Central Europe, and the rest (except China), Asia, Africa and Oceania increased, according to the International Aluminium Institute, an average of 10% month-to-month.

With regard to the data for the entire three-month period from the beginning of the year, aluminum production volumes by region were as follows: North and South America — 1.729 million tons. China and the provinces — 5220000 .; Asia (the other 11 states) — 0,630,000 .; GCC countries — to 0.94 million tons; Europe — 1.86 million tonnes (of which West — 0,856,000.).; 0440000 Africa and Oceania -. 0.52 million tonnes.

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