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Precision wheel

Technical characteristic

Precision steels are steels with certain specified qualities. They are highly alloyed compounds with a precisely selected chemical composition. They are subdivided into the following groups. A distinction is made between steels:

- Magnetically soft.

- Magnetically hard

- With a specified elasticity property.

- Steels with a given thermal coefficient of linear expansion.

- Superconducting

- Thermo-metals

Precision steels have special physical and chemical properties. They are produced to stringent GOST requirements which guarantee the highest level of quality. What distinguishes them is the accuracy of composition, absence of foreign impurities, thoroughness of production and processing. Most precision steels are based on iron, chromium, nickel, cobalt and copper which gives the alloys their special qualities. For example, there are a number of magnetically soft steels (permalloy, permendur, perminvar, ferrite-nickel) or magnetically hard steels (alni, manganin, viccaloy). Today it is difficult to do without steels with specified electrical properties (alumel, copel, chromel), thermal (kovar, platinite) and elastic properties and superconducting alloys (based on niobium with Zr, Ti, Mo, Tc, Re).


Alloying has a multidimensional effect on the quality of precision steel. Chromium increases hardness and corrosion resistance. Nickel makes the alloy ductile; Vanadium increases strength, resistance to impact and abrasion; Cobalt increases heat resistance, magnetic permeability. Molybdenum makes the alloy red-hot, hard and prevents oxidation at high temperature. Manganese content above 1% increases impact strength, wear resistance. Titanium increases stability, corrosion resistance; Copper increases ductility, prevents rusting. High-quality precision steel contains boron, zirconium, selenium in addition to the above components.


Precision alloys are indispensable today for precision instrumentation, industrial chemistry, production of measurement standards and weights, tuning forks, equipment for experimental laboratories, computer equipment. Precision alloys are essential for making precision instruments, sensitive elements of sensors, unique small-size laboratory equipment, energy converters. They are the base of modern progress and are required for creation of the most demanding parts. The use of precision steels depends on the working conditions and involves not only special production methods, but also requires a high culture of operation.


The main area of consumption of precision wheel is electrical engineering, chemical industry, nuclear power, research institutes, physics laboratories, chemistry. It is in demand in the manufacture of transformers, batteries, magnetic circuits, precision instruments. Due to high performance qualities, it is resistant to corrosion, the action of atmospheric moisture, alkaline solutions, salts, acids. Unique properties of the material are due to its balanced composition. With the advent of such new generation materials it is possible to improve many technological processes, where the production is connected with the action of extremely high temperatures and aggressive environments. Thanks to such materials it became possible to provide long-term reliable operation of the whole equipment complex in a wide range of temperatures.


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