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USSA started the production of special ball valves

28 August 2019

Ural plant of special valves production is a joint venture between the two companies. JSC «OMK» and the Group «Gazprom». It is reported that the company launched serial production of new products. This special ball valves. Thus will be achieved localization of production of complex pipe fittings. It is mainly imported. Ball valves are used in the environment with high corrosion. This refers to where a lot of hydrogen sulphide, methanol and other components. They are used together with other process equipment. This is happening on the ground, where mining and processing of natural gas. The same applies to objects, where it is storage and transport.

Manufacture special ball valves is carried out according to specific requirements. In the process of making used materials, resistant to corrosion. It is Nickel alloys, molybdenum, etc. of the Ural plant of special valve is self-designing. This allows us to produce products that best meet customer needs. The main consumers are enterprises of Gazprom, engaged in the extraction and processing of natural gas. For example, those that operate at the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field.

With the launch of serial production of special ball valves, you can fix the problem. Deposits can obtain quality products of the Russian production. Currently, the size of the investment is about 3 billion rubles. In 2016, the plant received a loan from the industrial development Fund. This was done under the program «development Projects». The company received 300 million rubles.

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