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A significant rise in the volume of world consumption of scrap metal

6 June 2019

International Recycling Bureau has provided the latest data for last year. So, it was noted that significantly increased the volume of world consumption of scrap metal. Mostly it is fixed in new market and developed countries. They consumed about 81% of the world total production. In quantitative terms this amounted to 469,3 million tons. Thus, the figure surpassed the previous year’s result. The difference was 10.1%. The volume of production also increased. He reached 1469 million tonnes. This is 4.5% higher than a year earlier.

For the most part, consumption growth was possible due to China. It accounts for the main increase. Visible demand for scrap has reached 187.8 thousand tons. The figure was more than the previous year by 27%. While EAF in steel production in the country has increased. The share was 13%. The year before, the figure was 9.3 percent.

As for other countries, there has not occurred any changes. For example, in the European Union has also been growth, but only slightly. It amounted to only 0.3%. The growth in consumption of scrap metal in the USA was 2.2%. Japan left not far from US with the result of 2.1%. The leader in consumption growth was Russia. It recorded a growth of 5.5%. In Turkey all noted a reduction. It decreased by 0.4%. A similar situation was observed in South Korea. There is a decline of 2.3%. Again, all in comparison with the results of the previous year.

In the whole world the consumption was 524 million tonnes. Such data are cited by the Worldsteel. The figure exceeds the result of the last year. The difference is 12%. At the same time increased the share of the metal produced from this raw material. It reached 29,4%.

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