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Azerbaijan has started the construction of a new automobile plant

2 March 2019

Under the city of Hajigabul, Azerbaijan, the construction of a new plant. He will be engaged in Assembly of cars and buses GAZ. On Saturday solemn ceremony of laying the Foundation. The event was attended by many dignitaries. In September last year signed an agreement on cooperation. Parties were made by «GAZ Group» and the company «Athermal». The construction started in accordance with the conditions spelled out in the document.

During the first phase is scheduled to begin production a number of machines. We are talking about cars GAZ. As for this line of GAZelle NEXT and Gazon NEXT. It also includes «BUSINESS GAZelle» and «Sobol BUSINESS». In the second phase, the company intends to start releasing the bus. We are talking about average and big class. Then GAZ will be used as the basis. It is necessary for the production of various types of special equipment. The same is true of vehicles for municipal services. This may also include school buses and ambulances, medical assistance.

The Azerbaijani side has allocated for the implementation of the project is about 14 million manat. «GAZ group» will supply kits. She will also take on the training and certification of specialists. In addition, the «GAZ Group» will acquaint with the technological requirements. They relate to production process and quality control system. In addition, according to the document the parties will actively participate in the work. Together, they will monitor the implementation of the various components. This is especially true of items produced in Azerbaijan.

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