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KAMAZ gathered the latest truck generations K5

9 March 2019

Automobile plant of KAMAZ announced about the Assembly of the new truck. This is the first pre-series truck generation K5 — KAMAZ-54901. Earlier, the first such car to collect Scientific and technical center of the enterprise. Running the build of the new car was carried out at the beginning of the current month. Now able to start production. Currently, a pilot instance is the inspection and acceptance. It is prepared for subsequent analysis and testing. They will be held on the territory of the Scientific-technical center. It said the chief of the Bureau on prospective cars.

Preparing to launch the first model in series production is carried out in stages. The first cabin model number K5 gathered in November last year. It meets all modern requirements and standards of ergonomics. The distance between the floor and ceiling in the cab is 1980 mm. Width up to 2270 mm. the Main advantage of the new cab is a flat floor. Also there is no engine tunnel. The dashboard controls are located on the arm’s length. On the right is the on-Board information system. She has a 10-inch touchscreen display.

The new vehicle automated transmission. The cabin has the right stalk joystick. It allows you to control the motion of the truck. The engine starts with the help of a special button. Engineers wanted to create a convenient, safe and comfortable cabin. Under the driver’s seat is pneumopathy. In addition, the chair can be adjusted in different ways. Also in the cockpit there are many places where you can store items. For example, equipped with three drawers that are closed. Still, there are two shelves under the ceiling, etc.

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