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During the construction of the Moscow amusement Park used metal

2 February 2019

In Moscow is in full swing construction of the Park. We are talking about a children’s amusement Park called «Dreamland». As previously reported, it should be ready in July 2019. The official opening will be held in September. The project was developed by the franchise, owned by DreamWorks. The style of the Park is a fairytale castle. It will consist of numerous individual thematic areas. So there will be an amusement Park, cafes and restaurants, a cinema. Also, there will be a concert hall and more. The entire Park covers an area of 300 thousand square meters. Just under construction employs about 100 hectares.

The Park is being built with the use of metal. First, this is due to the complexity of such a project. Secondly, steel structures allow to implement any architectural ideas. Separately it is necessary to specify for lifetime. The facilities, the construction of which used a steel structure, durable and reliable. They can last 100 years or more. In addition, such structures play an important role in security. Its level becomes much higher.

The supply of metal structures for the Park are conducted by several companies. Among them is the Severstal Steel Solutions. The company is a member of the Association for the development of steel production. His products are built rides «Hammer of Fate» and «the Tower falls». It is also used in the construction of the hardware of the screens and stands. All of these objects is a rather complex load-bearing structures. In the center of the Park will be created. Its «streets» are iconic architectural objects. We are talking about world creations such as the Colosseum or the Eiffel tower.

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