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On Zuse started the development of new machines for cleaning necks converters

15 February 2019

JSC «Sredneuralskaya copper smelting plant» is an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC. In his BOF office started the development of a new unique equipment. We are talking about machine for cleaning the openings of the converters. It was produced by the American company the Gradall. It cost the company about 40 million rubles. The machine is equipped with crawler chassis. In addition, she has a arrow with a special tip. It is a double hook, like a claw. The arrow is rotating.

The machine is made so that it can work close to the Converter. It does not need to wait for it to cool. She is of heavy duty design. In addition, the machine has special protection of the fundamental units. With its help minimizing exposure to sparks and high temperatures. The machine performs the access to the Converter. Then she starts cleaning the bottom of the neck, taking nastily.

In previous years cleaning used bridge crane. He had a special hook. With the help of the crane seized nastily, and then tore it. This is the traditional method, but it has a huge minus. In the process of cleaning the design of the Converter falls under large mechanical impact. The same applies to its lining. In the end they are physically damaged.

The new machine is tight and durable cabin, operator. It is protected from falling objects. In addition, it is extremely difficult to overturn. The design is in compliance with the European safety standard equipment ROPS and FOPS. Also, it has a protective grille. Inside it is equipped with a screen, air conditioning, heating and air filtration system. Still have rear view camera and onboard computer.

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