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Russia wants to participate in the construction of Railways in Thailand

7 January 2019

Russian companies want to take part in the construction of Railways of Thailand. In addition, they are willing to supply rolling stock. It said the head of Ministry of industry and trade at a recent meeting. We are talking about the meeting of the Russian-Thai intergovernmental Commission on bilateral cooperation. Railway construction is not the only area where I want to be a part of the Russian company. They are also interested in projects in other areas. For example, digital technology, medicine, industry and biotechnology.

Russia may cooperate with Thailand in the field of computer security. Russian companies offer their complex IT solutions. The same applies to the technology «smart city». It should be noted that this includes traffic management in large cities. In addition, these solutions allow you to manage infrastructure in megacities. So there are many interesting projects that can be jointly implemented. It would be beneficial for both countries.

Russia also wants to export to Thailand more wheat and meat. In addition, she expressed their wish to participate in one program. We are talking about the Thai state program «Eastern economic corridor». The head of the Ministry reminded about the agreements. So there is an agreement in the field of energy. She reached between the company «Rosneft» and the Thai company PTT. According to the document, will carry out mutual deliveries of oil. The volume will reach 200 million tons. It will happen until 2037. In addition, the contract between state Corporation Rosatom and Kinetics Corporation. Together they are developing a project of cyclotron-the radiochemical centre. It is created in the province of Nakhon Nayok.

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