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How was the week for the world market of metallurgical raw materials

3 December 2018

Metallurgical raw materials continues to decrease. In China has significantly declined the price of iron ore. A similar situation occurs with scrap metal in East Asia. It is illustrated that the reduced level of demand. The world is undergoing a «trade war». Because of this, many consumers suspended mass purchases. They wait, when the situation becomes clearer. Many wonder how much more reduced price indicators.

In Turkey there is a significant reduction in demand for rebar. The indicator has deteriorated, not only in the domestic market. Consumers from other States have also suspended the orders. Because of this, Turkish businesses have become significantly less to purchase scrap metal. Large batch of raw materials from North America is not purchased at all. Over the past week has not been concluded any transaction. The same applies to the European region. The mood of suppliers depressed. They do not hope for dramatic positive change.

In Asia, things are not better. Billet and rolled steel, and so were not the most expensive. However, prices generally fell. Because of this, was paralyzed trade of scrap. It pulled a series of unpleasant consequences. Chinese steel companies stopped buying raw materials. Those who still want to purchase, require a discount. Naturally, the vendors agree to this. They have essentially no choice. Failure means the loss of recent clients. The experts do not hasten to call it «bottom».

Relatively everything is normal with the pig iron. In any case, compared to scrap. Cast iron is still popular. Special demand is observed in the relatively stable world markets. We are talking about the United States and the European Union. Because in his case still has a certain stability.

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