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The group commenced large-scale reconstruction of blast furnace in Lipetsk

29 December 2018

NLMK group started to implement its new project. Thanks to him, the company will be able to increase performance by 8%. In the end, the figure will reach 3.4 million tonnes of pig iron per year. In addition, the project implementation will allow to increase ecological safety of the enterprise. Separately it is necessary to clarify the timing of the turnaround work. They will be extended by 50% and will be 25 years. The project is the scale reconstruction of blast furnace No. 6. It is the second largest blast furnace of the company. It is located at the Lipetsk site.

Today installed new heaters. Also carried out installation of aspiration systems. Individual specialists engaged in the enlarged Assembly of the major components and metal structures. Work will be done before the oven will be stopped. Stop blast furnace is scheduled for may of next year. It will last for 130 days. During this period, it completely dismantled. Then it will be built again. This will be used for prepared consolidated blocks.

This investment project is the largest for the Lipetsk site. We have in mind for the last few years. For its implementation involved leading domestic and foreign engineering enterprises. The same applies to suppliers of equipment and technological solutions. The result will be obtained in an efficient blast furnace. It is more performance and environmental friendliness. On environmental performance positively affects the reconstruction of the aspiration system. It will reduce the dust content in the air almost 10 times. The project will cost the company in excess of 34 billion.

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