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Whether U.S. steel production is more environmentally friendly?

14 December 2018

Steel Market Development Institute — a division of American Iron and Steel Institute. Research Institute shared the results of his recent study. According to the published data, the steel production of the United States more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Allegedly in the production of steel products less the specific emissions of carbon dioxide. In China, when it is made of galvanized steel, the carbon dioxide emissions are more. According to experts, it is more twice. Thus, American manufacturing more environmentally friendly than the Chinese.

Such studies are extremely important because they give the desired results. For example, the rate of carbon dioxide emissions is important for structural shapes. For galvanized steel the difference can be twice, three times for rental. For projects in «green» facilities should adopt the steel products of the United States. So says Vice-President of the research Institute Steel Market Development Institute. However, production of steel products in the United States also has its own nuances.

In the center of a scandal turned the company Clairton. This steel mill Corporation U. S. Steel. It is located near Pittsburgh (20 miles Southeast). The scandal has demonstrated that a high «environmental friendliness» of American manufacturing have become controversial. The plant is located on the territory of the health Department of the County of Allegheny. As it turned out, the company has repeatedly violated environmental standards. It showed up on coke production. In this case, the plant tried to hide these violations. Currently, local authorities urgently require to address the shortcomings.

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