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EVRAZ bought a new machine for the drilling of vertical wells diameter up to 2.4 meters

27 November 2018

The company started to implement a new technology of drilling wells. So the company bought a machine that can drill vertical boreholes of larger diameter. It is up to 2.4 meters. The drilling process is controlled from the ground. Earlier similar equipment on the Russian territory was not. Companies engaged in coal mining, used another. It will work certain mines. We are talking about those that belong to the Raspadskaya coal company, Evraz.

Before the equipment is put into operation, will be carried out industrial tests. They will be held at the mine «Erunakovskaja-VIII». The process is carried out in several stages. To start to be drilled a pilot hole from the surface. Its depth is 500 meters, and the diameter of 279 mm. After that will be attached to a special extender. Fasten it from the mine itself to the tip of the drill camp. As soon as it will move, the size of the hole will increase. His movement will occur up. So the diameter will be increased to 2.4 metres.

The wells of such large diameter special purpose. They will be used in mines for ventilation and gazoudalenija. Drilling of such wells allows to significantly save time for gas extraction. Initially it was necessary to lay a branched network works for gas-drainage pipelines. They were held by capital mining. The length of these workings up to 2 km in Order to prepare them, you have to spend at least 18 months. Creating wells with a diameter up to 2.4 meters, reduces the time. In fact it takes 3 times less time. Thus, this method is difficult to effectively and economically. This also increases the security level of the process of coal mining.

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