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Imported volumes of steel in the U.S. increased in January of the current year

8 March 2018

In the United States in January was imported 2.61 million tons of steel. Such data are published by the American Iron and Steel Institute. He got them from American customs. Of the total 2.13 million tons are products and pipes. Semi-finished products amount to 477 tons. If to compare with last January, the import volume decreased by 0.1%. The volume of purchases, on the contrary, increased by 2.2%. In comparison with December 2017 imports rose. The increase amounted to 17.3%. The finished products obtained by 23.8%.

Most in the USA of imported semi-finished products and petroleum pipes. In addition, actively imported sheet metal coatings. They make up about 40% of the imported volume. Oil and gas pipes galvanized and delivered to 78% and 129% more than in December. We have significantly increased the supply of fittings and some pipe. In comparison with January of 2017. pipe imports actually increased. Sheet and rolled iron, by contrast, supplied less. Fell by 20−50%.

Major importers of steel are Canada, Japan, Korea and Turkey. The United States also receives steel products from Russia. By the way, she was on the fifth position in export of steel. In the United States was delivered to 137,3 thousand tons of Russian products. Last year the volume of imports was 1% less. Most of the imported slabs — over 76%. Pipeline pipes delivered 16%.

Trends show that imports of steel in the United States can continue its growth. Even the scandal of Korean products are not too spoiled the situation. In addition, the court dismissed the claim of American manufacturers. There was no evidence of violations. Because the request of local companies to impose anti-dumping duties was not satisfied.

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