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The price of nonferrous metals will grow on the background of the political course of China

9 November 2017

The global market of nonferrous metals, beginning with 18.09.2017 and 25.10.2017, continued to demonstrate the growth indices. The exception was the market of tin. The correction values takes place against the backdrop of increasing Indonesian supplies. This information provided by the Joint-stock company «Opening Broker» in their own review. The improvement of the situation on the market of non-ferrous metals due to decreasing supply and reducing the available inventory. The demand continues to grow. For clarity, we can consider the data for the main consumer of non-ferrous metals, China. Statistics show that GDP growth in the country in the third quarter of this year reached 6.8 percent. This figure is significantly below the indicators observed in the last quarter.

During the Congress of the Chinese Communist party has shown the willingness and desire of the government to bring the national economy to a leading position. The authorities promise that China will be able to take first place among the world leaders by 2050. Also voiced the intention to significantly improve the environment of China. In September industrial production figures on an annual basis rose by 6.6%. Increased investments to fixed assets. The increase for the nine-month period was 7.5%.

Presumably the demand from China will continue to grow. Accordingly, by reducing the domestic supply will start to increase volumes of import. The greatest changes in connection with the situation has undergone the cost of copper, zinc and aluminum. According to statistics, the elaboration of ten metals to China — including copper, lead, Nickel and zinc in September in annual terms, decreased by 3.1%. The average is 4.44 million tons. Production volume in the current year increased by 4.1% relative to 2016.

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