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Electrozinc tested new equipment

8 October 2017

Electrozinc, part of UMMC has produced a «cold start» gazoduvki apparatus. The new equipment was installed in the sulfuric acid workshop of SKC. According to Dmitry binder, chief engineer of the enterprise, this is the twelfth hasouna machine involved since the beginning of plant operation. Its main purpose is supply to the contact node of the sulfuric acid flowing process gas. Equipment installed in shop today, was commissioned in 1981. Stability and security requires the replacement of physically and morally obsolete equipment. Will be installed a modern supercharger gas company Pillеr. The cost of this efficient German engineering is about 500 thousand EUROS — the equivalent of the order of 33.8 million.

Technical representatives of the firm Pillеr called for Electrozinc. Their goal was the implementation of the installation and the commissioning. During the seven day period was completed all the activities planned by the equipment manufacturer. German engineers examined the compliance of the Assembly gazoduvki machine implemented project. Together with the specialists of the enterprise was made of her connection to the voltage. The next step was the setup of automation. After elektrozink equipment and Pillеr made a trial run of the equipment. Surveillance experts on both sides confirmed the compliance of the achieved parameters with the required standards. In General, half-hour trial operation of the supercharger has been quite successful.

The performance of the old equipment has reached 96 thousand Nm3/h Maximum performance gazoduvki German technology will be 115 thousand Nm3/h. the New equipment will provide improved working conditions and expanded control capabilities of the system.

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