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Gaiskiy GOK: the arrival of new technology continues

16 July 2017

Gaiskiy GOK continues to purchase new equipment. In the first half of 2017, the plant has acquired more than 40 pieces of mining equipment. In particular, we are talking about self-propelled machinery. From March to may, the Underground mine together with Construction management became the owners of new cars. The equipment is intended for support of work. They include delivery of fuel, lubricants and oils to ensure their mobile equipment. Machinery manufacturer is a Russian company from Krasnoyarsk, OOO «Henkon Siberia».

If we consider the technique of the Finnish producers, we can distinguish the mining machine. Equipment brand «Charmec 6605В» allows you to conduct a mechanized charging of blast holes. For this purpose, the granulated explosive materials. Also included mechanized system, designed for wet shotcrete. Self-propelled machines with a compressor capable of conducting and pumping of concrete. Received machine good maneuverability operation, ensure complete safety when operating underground.

Of course, this is not a complete list of received equipment. So, in the second quarter Mine management, and Underground mine did the drilling rigs. Tunnelling technology has put the Russian and Finnish companies. The list includes three vehicles for loading and delivery of six dump trucks with a capacity of 30 and 40 tons. In 2017, the Gaiskiy GOK is going to purchase equipment, the cost of which together amount to 1.7 billion RUB. Anyway, that is the sum of the works allocated to upgrade equipment. The technical modernization of Gaiskiy GOK is required — this year the plant plans to reach 7.5 million tonnes of ore.

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