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Yug-Met will increase the environmental requirements for the production of wire rod

29 June 2017

Holding Yug-Met was able to start production of wire rod of copper, meets high environmental requirements. For this purpose, the plant had to purchase a special modern equipment — gas installation. This fact was reported by the press service of the holding. It should be noted that the South produced-Meth copper rod is of high quality. Its performance fully meet the strict technical requirements.

The holding company is considered a leader in the field of production of non-ferrous metals in the South of Russia. In the list of products includes wire rods of copper. The company also is the operator involved in the collection and processing of scrap. Duration of activity of the company is at least twenty years. During this period, the South-Met attracted the cooperation of many well-known multinational corporations. Products of the holding company acquires Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, ALCAN Aurubis AG, NISSAN and other not less known companies.

MGTS unlike South-Meta derives its revenue by selling the old cable out of copper. And this source of revenue is highly profitable. In 2015−2016 the company selling the dismantled copper cable, earned approximately 1.36 billion RUB. The cost of such products — and is spending on dismantling plus the residual price of the cable is reached 511 and 577 million RUB respectively. If you take just two years, income from the sale of secondary raw materials made up over 1.63 billion RUB. The company did not reveal exactly how much cable has been sold. However, if to take for a basis the priceoffered by buyers, the sales volume in 2016 amounted to approximately 4,500 tonnes of copper. Your data provided by the International Bureau of metallurgical statistics. In accordance with them in the past year, the volume of copperscrap has reached 23,000 tons.

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