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Last year MMK has increased the implementation of rolled zinc

22 May 2017

The results of 2016 was provided to OJSC MMK. According to them, the number of realized galvanized rolled steel has risen by 9%. These data were provided by the representatives of the plant 12 International conference, which addressed trends in the consumption and production of galvanized products in 2017.

The sales volumes of MMK in the domestic market reached a record high. Indicators for galvanized rental exceeded 1 million tons. The number of supply products with polymer coating in 2016 amounted 322000 tons. In General, the capacity of the Russian market in regard galvanized rolled last year reached the mark of 2.88 million tons. If to speak about the market of the rolling steel with the polymer coating, the figure is 1.9 million tons.

In 2016 the implementation of galvanized products in the domestic Russian market totalled 89%. 11% were in CIS-countries together with abroad. Sales of products with polymer coatings on the Russian market in 2016 reached 89%. 11% were shipped to CIS countries. Moreover, the representatives of the works rely on the subsequent growth in the number of products sold. To date, CMI is engaged in the construction of another hot-dip galvanizing line. Its production capacity should reach about 360,000 tons annually. The line should be commissioned in the current year.

MMK in addition to increasing the number of products and its assortment has planned a number of innovations. They are designed to guarantee the quality of goods for consumers. Among the developed measures — uniform standards regarding steel products coated. This approach will provide consumers protection from shoddy imported products. Provides for the development of a phased marking rolled with a coating of polymers.

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