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Results for the production of Russian Industrial metallurgical holding for January – April 2017

29 May 2017

Companies subsection «Coal» managed to get 542 thousand tons of coal for the 1 quarter of 2017 year. It’s on 28% less, than in 4 quarter of 2016 year. About this became known from the leadership of the Industrial-metallurgical holding.

On the reduction of mining of coal affected a planned rewiring the equipment (mine «Butovskaya»). TSOF «Berezovsky» has made less of a concentrate of coal. In particular, the volume of production of concentrate of coal were produced for the 1 quarter of 2017 years at 6% is less, than in 4 quarter of 2016 year. The decrease in the manufacture of a coal concentrate associated with small amounts of obtaining coal. Also on the decline of manufacturing has affected the rewiring of new equipment for the mine «Butkovska». Small amounts of coal were partially compensated. For this was purchased coal concentrate from other manufacturers.

PJSC «coke» for January — April 2017 year made 668 thousand tons of coke. It is on 5% less in comparison with 4 quarter of the previous year. The reduction of the manufacture of coke is associated with increase of its qualities.

Also decreased the volumes of production of iron ore. It was produced only 1,3 million tons. In 4 quarter of 2016 year its production was at 33 thousand tons more. Was reduced the volumes of production of concentrate of iron ore in the 1 quarter of 2017 year. Was produced at 5% less iron ore concentrate. It is associated with the fluctuation of the chemical composition of iron ore useful fossil. Also, lowering the production of iron ore concentrate occurred because of the high content of iron in this mineral.

PJSC «Tulachermet» increased smelting of cast iron for 9% for 1 quarter 2017 year. The growth of smelting of cast iron amounted to 9%. The increase in smelting of cast iron is connected with improvement of quality of work of blast furnaces. Also on the growth of smelting of cast iron was influenced by the increase in the qualitative characteristics of coke, iron ore concentrate.

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