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The port of Nakhodka were purchased by billionaire Abramovich

9 May 2017

Eurasia was contracted that Sea port of Nakhodka, has a commercial purpose, sold. The new owner was, Lynbrook limited company of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The deal was completed with substantial additions from the Novel. The far Eastern port with trade links cost him three hundred and fifty four and a half billion dollars. EVRAZ is a steel and mining company in the United Kingdom. Press-service of the enterprise, which formerly belonged to the port of Nakhodka, commented on the situation.

The deal is quite lucrative like investment and strategic side. It allows Eurasia to extend the optimization processes with a portfolio of shares. It also gives the opportunity to focus on key workflow. To achieve this with the sale of non-core asset by getting his prices.

In the possession of Laarbruch sixty-four percent of the shares of Evraz and the fact that he is involved party has its own classification of the contract. In the laws of listing in the UK the contract applies to the second classification. And if we follow the classification of the investment Department of regulation and surveillance from Britain, the Treaty has interested the part. Thus, it must be approved independent of the owner of Evraz, at a great meeting. It will take place in late may of this year, and the closing of the transaction falls to the middle of June in turn.

In addition, within the agreement both parties signed another document. This agreement on the transshipment of supplies, which EVRAZ promises to carry cargo and port in the Discovery process it. To the supply of goods and includes all types of coal and metals. The deal will last at least five years, and relevant to some volumes and tariffs in the port.

Shopping-seaport in Nakhodka is one of the largest transport razvedochnyh companies in the far East of the Russian Federation. EVRAZ bought more than ninety percent of the port’s shares in fourteen years ago. And four years later became the owner of the remaining part. The conditions for the existence of the port give the opportunity to plant up to five hundred wagons with various goods in 24 hours. At the end of last year, the total turnover of goods at the port of amounted to about ten million tons of cargo. At the end of last year, the total value of assets were equal to fifty million dollars. In turn, net profit of over forty million in the same currency.

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