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The WTO is considering a complaint of Russia to the EU

11 March 2017

The world Trade Organization received a complaint from the Russian Federation to the European Union. In the complaint we are talking about numerous violations of the European Union at that time, when carried out anti-dumping investigation. Moreover, Russia accuses EU of imposing illegal duties on Russian suppliers of cold rolled steel. This information was published on the website of the Ministry of economic development of Russia.

We are talking about introduction of antidumping duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia in August last year. Their size, at the moment, and the maximum rate is 36%. While Severstal has received the fees of 34%. For the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine has allocated 36% duty. Less loss left the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine. He received 18% of anti-dumping duties. The reason of indignation of unfair trade, the Russian side has become unjustifiably low cost of their products. At the same time, the investigation was conducted and experts from China. However, upon its completion, the Chinese side has received fees three times less than Russia.

Russian company announced the breach on the part of the European Union during the investigation, not allowing him to end. This happened in June. Allegations of biased investigation, the EU, which had a list of violations of relevant rules and regulations. Representatives of the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine, at the time, described the activities of the European Commission the illegal and outrageous.

Press Secretary of Severstal, commented on the situation said that the company is of the opinion NMK. All companies have provided the approval of the Ministry of economy of Russia. This approval became final in the formulation of a complaint to the world trade organization.

The complaint from the Russian side will consider experts from the Commission for the settlement of disputes at the WTO. First will be a series of consultations for Russia and the European Union. They will be aimed at finding ways to resolve the dispute and avoid conflicts. In the event that the dispute is thus allowed will not succeed, will be held the second stage of the procedure. The Russian side may file a petition for the establishment of a special Committee to consider the complaint.

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