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China demanded that the United States review of decisions on imports of its steel products

13 March 2017

The U.S. government initiated some twenty measures to protect trade. This seriously affected the Chinese export company.

An employee of the Ministry of Commerce of China agreed with the recent decision of the United States, which talks about importing from China. According to news Agency of China «Xinhua», they believe the decision to import steel products is unreasonable.

In the resolution the United States was told that stainless steel sheets are disadvantageous. This happened due to the fact that by the imposition of subsidies and the opportunity to sell it cheaper than market price.

According to Wang Hejun — working in the Ministry of trade in the United States did not take into account the documents and arguments filed by the producers of China. Accordingly, the decision of the United States of America contrary to the facts.

Wang said that before the steel industries of the USA, there are certain difficulties. They are associated with outdated equipment and lack of efficiency of the United States, but not to Chinese products.

When investigated, the need for sheet stainless steel from China has increased. Import from China to the United States, in fact, was able to block.

Hejun Wang also said that the United States and China are complementary links in terms of trade steel. The second is not just importing products to the USA, but buys manufactured goods there.

In China trying to convince the government of the United States of America to rethink the decision on the subject of justice and rationality. In order to get rid of the possible negative impact on trade and economic relations between the countries, said Wang.

Export Agency from China, if considered as a whole, suffered from twenty measures to protect trade. The initiator of this event was the United States of America in two thousand sixteenth year. According to the Chinese Ministry of trade, increased by more than 80 percent compared to the previous year.

In the past two thousand sixteenth year, was organized nine eleven anti-dumping and anti-subsidiary cases. The amount of the audited contracts amounted to nearly four billion US dollars. It exceed last year by more than a hundred and thirty percent.

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