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US to impose anti-dumping duties for the three countries

13 January 2017

Plate from South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, the international trade Commission, the U.S. imposed anti-dumping duties. The amount of the fees set according to the margin level set the level set by the Ministry of Commerce of America. According to the findings of a sheet delivered from the three above countries, have caused significant damage to the economy of the country.

In November of last year employees of the Ministry of Brazil established the margin 74,52%. Turkish products have received margin from 42,02 percent to 50 percent. South American products received the highest margin. Thick lit from South Africa lined with margin from of 87, 72 percent to ninety four percent. Such a high margin percentage is justified. Manufacturers in all three countries have refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities during the investigation. Case on the fact of unfair trade from the eaves of States initiated on the complaint of the two companies. In April of last year, ArcelorMittal USA, Nucor, and SSAB Enterprises appealed to the Ministry of Commerce.

The investigation touched on twelve States, which supplied tolstolistny steel in the United States. For the twelve months of 2015 in the United States put more 921,8 thousand tons of sheet. And for the period from January to November 2016, the country has received to 750.3 thousand tons. The share of imported plate steel had not changed. From abroad with the United States receives seventy-five percent of this kind of product. Simultaneously, fifty-five percent of imports come from Germany, South Korea and France.

But today, finally, the margin of dumping determined for only three countries. As for other providers, the final fees will be announced in the near future. So, for China the question would presumably be resolved by the end of this month. The remaining eight States will receive a final dumping margin in mid-March of this year.

In November last year, the Ministry of Commerce announced the preliminary results of the investigation. The results were made temporary rates on dumping margins. The proportion of fees ranging from zero to one hundred and thirty percent. The lowest rates received the German suppliers. While the highest margin was appointed Marcegaglia is an Italian company.

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