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Russian enterprise joint-stock company "Uralskaya Steel" will be upgraded Swiss

17 January 2017

The Swiss company SMS Concast AG has signed a contract with «metalloinvest» for modernization of JSC «Ural Steel». It is about adapting to the latest technologies chetyrehrogaja machine wrong casting of the workpiece. The Swiss are obliged to bring the machine for the manufacture of preforms whose size is 455 mm. These preforms are intended for the rails. In addition, the machine, after the upgrade, will be able to produce rectangular pieces for the rails, the size 300*300 mm.

New products of the company will be able to meet the needs of Aktobe rail and the Vyksa plants.

Modernization of equipment «Ural Steel» gives «Metalloinvestu» a number of advantages. The company will be able to manufacture new marzhinalnoj products. In addition, the company will have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the status of the leading manufacturer of high quality steel. As well as to improve productivity and production efficiency.

Andrey Varichev, the General Director of the enterprise: «Metalloinvest» plans to invest in the development and updating of the enterprise a significant amount. While assumed to invest more than one billion Russian rubles."

After modernization of «Ural Steel» will produce billets with latest technology. As, for example, «Convex» — the technology of crystallization. Involved will be the newest electromagnetic technology to move to the final zone of crystallization — «Constir».

Today metallurgists of the enterprise «the Ural Steel» manufactured round billets of different sizes: 430, 560, 600 millimeters. The plant produces rectangular section, the size of the products -330*470 mm. However, due to the planned reorganization, the assortment of products has significantly expanded. Updated the machine the continuous sheet will be able to produce a product with a length of over six meters. Despite the fact that now, the allowable dimensions do not exceed six metres in length. In addition, the list of products of «Ural Steel» to expand and increase the quality of cast billets. The company’s management hopes, to run the company updated in the second half of 2017.

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